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Update by user Jan 11, 2012

After not hearing back from the Corporate customer service representative or L&J Storage (the local NA representative in Philadelphia) after I sent 2 emails requesting the refund due under their GRR program, I filed a complaint with BBB. Since the actual weight of my household items was 500 lbs less than the estimated weight, I was due a refund of slightly more than $200.

Upon receiving the BBB complaint, North American immediately confirmed that I was due the refund and contacted L&J Storage with instructions to process my refund that day. I have received the credit on my charge card and my business with NAVL is finally completed.

Update by user Dec 14, 2011

North American Van Lines did contact me after receiving my complaint through Pissed Consumer. They offered $250 as compensation for the delay.

The Customer Representative did blame me for the low reimbursement since I didn\'t know their rules for reimbursement - which are not posted on their website, not included in the packet of information they provide about moving, nor did L&J Storage (their local PA representative) tell me to call the Corporate office for more detailed information.

I also asked about my refund which should have been credited to my charge card since my actual weight was 500 lbs less than the estimated weight. Per their Binding Estimate: \"Guaranteed Rate Reductions (GRR): If the actual weight is less than the estimated weight of 6,640 pounds, the GRR Guaranteed price will be reduced by $41.83/cwt for the weight difference between the actual and estimated weight.\" I\'m still waiting to hear back from the Representative.

Original review posted by user Dec 02, 2011

I moved from NJ to Florida. Due to a problem on North American's end (Tractor Trailer did not have enough room to load all of my household items) my "overflow" was put on a later tractor trailer.

My shipment was small (6,126 lbs) but 8 other families were already loaded on the first trailer before they arrived at my location. The delivery range was from November 1st to November 9th. The second trailer arrived 8 days after the end of the delivery range. First, getting in contact with my move coordinator was next to impossible.

Of course, she was the only one in the office who could actually answer the question about the arrival date of my 2nd shipment of items. Her excuse for not calling... she was dealing with "voting" machines. This is the truth.

I guess she has a second job helping out with state & city elections. North American denied my Delay claim form because they stated that my bed was delivered on time in the first shipment and they would never authorize a hotel stay. I guess the fact that my sheets, pillows, towels, couch, chairs, toiletries, clothes, alarm clocks, dishes, pots & pans, silverware, lamps, light bulbs, rugs, blankets, etc which were in the 2nd delayed shipment were unnecessary items and I could easily live in an apartment with a mattress, headboard and bed frame. I know how to "rough" it but this was a little too rough for me.

When I tried to call to speak with a Customer Service representative about the claim I was eventually transferred to voicemail after being put on hold for about 5 minutes. I went to the website listed on the letter which doesn't provide an email to contact them about complaints. I have to admit their website does have glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. On a positive note, the drivers of both the tractor trailers were extremely nice and provided 24-48 hour notice of when they would arrive to unload my items.

They were professional and took great care to make sure all of the items were accounted for and that none of my items were damaged.

Price was the deciding factor for North American Van Lines but all of the major companies were within $100 of the NAVL quote. In my opinion Customer Service is bad and if you have a problem don't expect much, if any, help from North American.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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