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Hired NA Van Lines for 2 moves of Household Goods from 2 different locations in the USA. Sales rep schedules my TX move from Houston to Colorado w/a 11 day window of delivery.

I call to ck status only to discover my goods are not enroute but was loaded & taken to storage instead. Storage was never mentioned 1X in this ordeal nor did the sales rep disclose this & in fact he told me goods were loaded & enroute!I call him to ask Y I wasn't told this so I could've hired someone else to bring me the goods he says he doesn't know Y! Now that I've driven to new location & purchased non-refundable 1way air tickets back to other location to prepare for 2nd move w/NA he informs me goods are to be delivered the day I fly!!! I told him should've disclosed so I had other options & companies to choose for this move he then states "then what do you want us to do with yours stuff?!" Unbelievable!!!

They have your stuff, your money & add to your stress & have the adacity to talk to you in this manner all the while they are in the wrong!

I'll let you know how other move goes but if I were you I'd ask forsure "Is it enroute or going to storage?" You will be so surprised at the answer..Don't use North American because they are not as sincere as you think & definitely not Honest when they say your goods are loaded & enroute, ask where enroute do you mean, Storage or Highway!!!! I am not using NA to say the least for our 2nd location to be moved, no way will I pay commission to a sales rep that did NOT disclose Everything, not a single word disclosed that indicated STORAGE!

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