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We contracted North American Van Lines through The American Legion Member Benefits Program. Our shipment was picked up on 09/24/2014 and placed in storage at AAdvantage, North American's affiliate in Pensacola, FL

Additional items were picked up by the delivery driver on12/01/2014, at our own storage facility in Gulf Breeze, FL.

Delivery was made to our destination in Charleston, SC on 12/03/2014.

All of the items picked up by the driver in our Gulf Breeze storage unit arrived intact. Many items placed in storage were missing and/or damaged, as noted on claim forms submitted on 12/11/2014 and 12/15/2014. These items included all of the hardware for disassembled furniture. Our master bedroom set could not be assembled and was missing both a dresser and chest of drawers, resulting in living out of boxes and suitcases and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Additional furniture items that were missing or unable to be assembled resulted in our inability to utilize the full benefits of our home. This

inconvenience continued for 98 days, until 03/11/2015 when the missing furniture was delivered. The ironic part of the entire delay was that the missing items had been in the storage facility in Pensacola, FL the entire time. Seems the label fell off the crate and nobody thought to check in the unlabeled crate. Although the missing items finally showed up, many items were damaged.

Additionally, not only was there a severe inconvenience due to the missing and damaged furniture, many missing items, especially our granddaughters toys and other possessions that were missing,

caused a great deal of emotional stress to a four year old girl.

During this entire process there was a completed lack of communication with NAVL regarding these problems. The last communication from Cheryl in Claims was on 01/16/2015, and here is what she

wrote in an email:

Dear Mr. Barton:

I have some great news. I have just been informed by our agency that they have located a vault in their warehouse that the label had fallen off of and this vault contains all of the items that

did not check off at the time of delivery.

I have asked that they make arrangements to get these items to you at their very earliest convenience.

I will keep you posted as I get new information.

Best Regards,

Cheryl Gondell

Claims Analyst

SIRVA International Claims

I was never "posted" on any new info, and quite frankly, we were blindsided by a call from the delivery driver on the morning he delivered, stating he would arrive shortly, 56 days after I received my last communication from Cheryl.

The next time I heard from NAVL was on 05/07/2015, 59days later, when I received an email from Tim Mento stating that NAVL had been attempting to contact me. In a subsequent conversation it was noted by me that Cheryl had never updated my contact info, after being informed of a change by me via an email. My attorney and I do have records of every email communication Ihave exchanged with NAVL.

That brings us to June 25, 2015, when in the course of multiple phone call transfers to numerous people at NAVL, I was informed that I must pay my invoice prior to my claims being processed. In view of this entire process I find that unconscionable. I have submitted a very reasonable claim of $100 per day for the 98 days of inconvenience and lack of utilization of our entire home due to NAVL's failure to meet their obligation to deliver our goods. Additionally, I have never received an invoice. To levy an ultimatum such as the one I received yesterday seems to be threatening and intimidating.

I would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible, but NAVL needs to realize that they bear the burden of this entire situation. Their offer of $6.95 per day for our inconvenience is indicative of their lack of professionalism. To simply say that this is the procedure they use does not cut it. There is always someone in an organization that can make an overriding decision to do the right thing for a customer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery, poor customer service, damaged and defective goods.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Preferred solution: Compensation of $100 per day for the delivery daelay and resulting inconveniences, stress, and lack of full use of our home, plus compensation fo claimed damages to goods that were delivered..

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