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If you plan on moving and are considering using the Beltman Group, North American Van Lines, located in Orlando, read this first. I recently used them and it's now nearly 2 months later and I'm still being haunted by this moving experience. There really isn't anything I can say poositive about the move. I was promised the world by my sales rep Pete who is just that a salesman. Promised me used boxes if I went to the warehouse and picked them up, Called every day never got one box. Wound up buying them. Promised a delivery of my furniture in a 2 day window. Never happened didn't have a driver and when he finally called me he was alone on the truck and had to find someone to help him, further delayed the move. Then I found out that they put my load on with 2 other deliveries and couldn't fit all my things on the truck, recieved 75%. To make a long horrible story short the rest of my things came 2 weeks later. Had damaged items and a missing dining room chair. Called Beltmann many times they couldn't find the chair, GONE???? I believe it was badly damaged because the numbers where right before a antique end table that was delivered with 2 busted legs that where put in the draw of the table. I put in a claim no one called me so I called them, they said I would get a total of $84.00, which included a whole $12.00 for my missing dining room chair??? I called the office of Michael Wolf, the president of North American Van Lines and spoke to his secretary and she basically said to me that's it, nothing she could do for me. And as far as Mr. Wolf is concerned he doesn't speak with customers EVER.... Stay far away from this company there are too many other choices out there, even if they are lower in price, IT'S NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION.[/SIZE]

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I also used NAVL and had a HORIBLE Experience. My Driver arrived with his wife whom I later found out had Alzheimer’s.

While the movers were loading my things, the driver told me that his wife had wondered off somewhere and he could not find her. I had to drive around the local neighborhoods looking for her. This was very unprofessional for a driver of a Large Company.

Before the driver left my residence after loading my household goods, he verbally told me that he would not be delivering my things on the date which I had arranged Sep 21 but that he was going to deliver on Thursday 19 Sep.

He said that he had to deliver that day so I re-arranged Cable, Construction and painting around that date. Then on Wednesday since I had not heard from him, I called Apollo and they told me that I was supposed to call the driver directly. When I called the driver, I got his voice mail and the mail box was full so I couldn’t leave a message. I spoke to Apollo again and they were unable to reach him either but they were able to leave a message.

They even contacted dispatch with no success. After 2 days of calling looking for my household goods, the driver finally called me back and stated that he was coming in 5 minutes. The driver got lost and I had to drive around looking for him also. When the truck and he opened the door, the contents looked like it was just thrown in the truck.

(I have pictures which prove this). Many of the Boxes which were clearly marked Fragile were crushed and contents were broken. After he pulled up with my 9 Lbs of household goods, I asked who was going to unload the truck. At that time, I called the local company again asking for assistance to unload.

He had his Grandchild in the truck and he told me that he would unload the truck with his grandson. The driver had told me that he had a medical condition which made it impossible for him to do. We also asked the driver to call the local moving company and get the help which he needed to do the job. He stated that the company couldn’t give him anyone to assist.

My nephew was there with me so I hired him to assist me with some of the work. The only reason a few pieces of furniture were put back together was because my nephew and I put them together. Since the driver had no help to speak of, we got a few laborers at Home Depot who didn’t speak much English and they were not experienced movers. The grandchild tried to put some of the furniture together but only after my nephew and I assisted him.

The laborers put boxes where ever they felt like it. I had all the boxes marked with which room they needed go. I have boxes labeled Kitchen in my master bedroom and the ones marked bedroom in the kitchen, etc. Most of the furniture was not reassembled and if it was, I did it.

The company claims that they have GPS and 24 hr contact with the drivers but nobody was able to contact him.

I tried to resolve the issues with North American Customer Service and with the help of Apollo Moving company. Apollo has tried to assist and will back me with my complaint. At this time, the company has offered me either a Service who will come out to my home and re-assemble one Bed, and two tables which I have assembled after the mover left or $300 which I incurred to pay my nephew in order to fix what the movers didn’t do.

Also, there is a Damaged Bed, antique glass platters, Tools and who know what else was destroyed. The customer Service rep form NAVL was nasty for the begining and refused to help me resolve anything.


Sorry to hear about you bad moving experience, I went through it over a year ago and it is extremely frustrating dealing with North American and there noncaring customer service dept. How this outfit is still in business is hard to believe.

I guess if more people read these forums before booking their move, less people would book with them. The only advice I can give you is to complain every day until you get your items and get full reinbursement for the delay.

Good luck,



Couldn't agree more. Horrible experience with Beltmann and NAVL.

It is over three weeks since our pick up date and over a week since our guaranteed delivery date and we don't have our belongings. I am supposed to start a professional job in a couple couple of days and have no suits to wear (I did bring them with me since I didn't think it would take over 20 days to move our stuff). The customer service was horrendous.

I would be fired if I treated people like that, didn't call people back, and showed that lack of empathy. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.


We also had the experience from *** with an American Van Lines group. They employ the "Bait & Switch" method: all sugar-coated, deceptive promises before the contract is signed.

After signing, it's *** on earth!

IT IS DEALING WITH THE DEVIL BEFORE AND AFTER THE CONTRACT IS SIGNED! Since they ruined a good part of our lives, it has become our joyful mission to expose their tactics everywhere possible!


Hi Mike, My sister used North American Van Lines to move from Fl. to Pa.

almost the same thing happened to her, well my sister moving back to Fl. and is in the process of using American Movers Group "WHAT A NIGHTMARE" they are.

Among other things AMG picked up on Dec 18 was told they will be delivered on Dec 23 then Dec 27 and after calling for 14 days and getting no response or e-mails still my sister does not have her belongings as of Jan 1, 2011. In other words DO NOT USE AMERICAN MOVERS GROUP


My name is Steve and I help run Beltmann NAVL Social Media Efforts.

I noticed your blog entry about your move and I'm sorry about your experience.

It sounds like you haven't been able to get a hold of someone to discuss your situation and that where I think I can help.

Please know that Mike is a great guy, but as President, he relies on other team members to resolve conflict like this. However, we do have people I know who can help you in a more direct way.

We'll look to see if we can find your record and get a hold of you. If not, please let me know how we can contact you directly to see what we can do on a corporate level.

Thank you.

Steve R.

Beltmann Social Media Team

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