At the end of the day, North American Van Lines delivered our stuff 3 weeks late. A significant incovenience to our personal and professional lives, but not the end of the world.

The worst part of the move was dealing with the company representatives. Highly unprofessional. Every time we called, North American's representatives gave us the run-around. When we would call to find out about the status of logistics, they would just shrug their shoulders and tell us to call a different company phone number. This happened 8 times. They changed the delivery date at least that many times. We, then, had to coordinate each change with our new Condo Association, since 400 people share the same 2 elevators.

Finally, our stuff arrived today, and we had scheduled the elevator for a 4-hour window to move every thing in ... but they movers could not begin unloading our stuff. Why? Because they needed to be paid first ... with a cashiers check. After dozens of phone conversations with North American reps, no one told us to have a cashiers check ready. In fact, our contract says we can pay by credit card, which we eventually did, but not before several North American reps gave us their typical "I'm sorry there's nothing I can do" baloney.

In short, North American was able to deliver many headaches and excuses, but could not get us our stuff any where near the time the promised. The real shame is the the guys doing the heavy lifting were fantastic. They even took responsibility to solve the problems that corporate headquarters created.

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