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I did business with North American Van Lines based on a guaranteed delivery date of the July 21, 2013. The goods were picked up on July 9th in Chicago IL and the goods were to be delivered by the Happy Valley OR.

I have called repeatedly to get status only to learn each time that my goods remain in Indiana. Today I was informed that my goods will not ship until after my delivery window and will not be delivered until the 30th of July. The folks at the company have all politely informed me this is the best they can do. Wish I knew that going in, would have gone with someone else for sure.

They did offer me their delayed delivery reimbursement for pots, pans, and aero bed to the tune of $800; however, I would have preferred that they kept their word. If you cannot live up to your guarantee, you should not call it a guarantee. Very disappointing. I wrote a letter to my state senator this morning, plan on making several posts to websites sharing my story, hitting other social media outlets, reached out to the Federal division responsible for oversight of moving companies (they have asked to continue to be looped to ensure my stuff gets delivered), and will highlight this to a few media outlets as well.

Regulation of this industry needs to improve.

When did it become ok not to live up to ones commitment. Sitting in an empty house in OR, 10 days down, 11 more to go....

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