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I had an in-house estimate done for my cross-country move. I ended up moving far less stuff and was told in advance when I asked that it would be weighed and adjusted based on weight.

My things arrived 10 days after they were supposed to, no one called me to inform me of that and I had to secretly dig through the driver's papers to see how much my load actually weighed. It weighed 1,000 pounds less than estimated, but they still charged me full price the day of the move without my approval or authorization having lied and told me it was a "cash on delivery" move. Do not trust them!! They are *** artists and I am trying to fight this now with my credit card company.

I should have been credited over $1000.

I still do not have a receipt or any proof of what I have actually paid for. This is America??

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Also, you guys are darn lucky that it only took 11 days. I was told I'd get mine in 4 2/3 of it almost a month late, and just this past Tues., got the last of it, almost 2 months late!!!


Get yourself an attorney! I had to.

Beacon Falls, Connecticut, United States #351311

Best of luck to you. I was able to get some money back, but not anywhere near what I should have.

I more or less settled as I was tired of fighting and figured something was better than nothing.

It was a pain in my butt and I guess now I know exactly what to watch for the next time I move. Wish you had seen my post before you moved.


We had exactly the same experience! 11 days late, never told anyone the load finally arrived - to an Allied facility, not NA! Allied would not release the shipment until I threatened to call the police. Actual weight was over 1,200 pounds less than charged. Still waiting their internal audit results for reimbursement. Bank of America Visa dispute to hold payment was futile as BOA could also care less about their customers.

You can find that to be reinforced by others - Google for credit card disputes.

Will be claiming fraud with the State Attorney Generals Office.

Footnote: Allied and North American are owned by the same company. Good luck.

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