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Warning, warning, warning. Beware of the dirty practice the mover uses.

It nauseates and disgusts me deeply every time I think of our experience with this mover – North American Van line. They badly scratched our like-new condition Ethan Allen fine dresser and an end table and we could not do anything about it because they put “scratches top, side, edge, left, leg…” damage codes when there were none. On the loading day, the mover/driver scribbled down lots of codes for every piece of furniture. At the time, I did wonder what was he writing so quickly but didn’t want to “waste” his time interrupting.

Never did it occur to us that he was blindly writing the damage codes for every piece of furniture even when there were no damages because he never ever took a glance at any piece of our entire load. He put down every possible damage code specific to each type of furniture for every item in our entire shipment to cover their ***. At that time, trying to be as accommodating as possible, I hastened and misread the column label of “CONDITION AT ORIGIN” as “CONTENT AT ORIGIN” so I did not question what those codes meant. To make the matter worse, we could not be present to receive our shipment so my younger son did for us.

When he pointed out about the damages at the receiving time, they told him that it was indicated on the Inventory as damaged so my son could not dispute it because he didn’t know which was true. Granted it’s my fault not taking time to carefully read the papers before putting John Hancock on the dotted line, yet it’s despicable for them to practice business like that. I regret I paid them good tips against my son’s objection. Though I did research a lot about hiring a mover but never read any consumer mentioned about the way they practice the damage codes system.

I had put off writing this review because I was so sickened by that. Now I have calmed down enough to put this out, I only hope this review will keep many prospective customers from falling into this trap.

My loss will serve as your gain. Better luck for your moving.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Repair the damaged pieces at their cost..

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