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this company is a scam they are quick to get you to sign up and say yes your belongings will be delivered within a week but it took them one whole month to deliver my stuff. and you cant get anyone to speak to in the customer service department the only option they give you is to leave a voicemail and someone will get back, but noone EVER returns your calls.

they picked up my stuff as scheduled and told i have to be at moving location or else will be charged storage fee. so we rushed there but was told that north american could not find a driver to take our stuff because our shipment was small (spent $4500) none of their driver wanted to take it since their truck was not filled up yet. they wont deliver until the whole entire truck gets filled. how absurd is this i mean i shouldve been told about this fact in advance.

no one ever followed up or apologized for this, i was left calling everyday trying to find out the update. after delyaing it for almost one month the agent offers me a compensation of $700 with proof of purchases. which sounded good so i purchased the things that i needed and sent them the claim to get reimbursed. thats another story once i sent the claim they deny it because i didnt purchase the things according to their likings.

the agent TINA christman was so rude and derogatory saying i shouldve purchased stuff from target or walmart. she was so demeaning and un professional and said if i had an issue take it up to the supervisor LISA who would contact me..which to this date she has never done so. i HAVNT heard anything from LISA even after leaving several voice messages and asking her to call back so i can get the compensation that was previously promised. i will never use north american again since we are moving again next year.

the unprofessionalism is beyond in this company. even the driver who delivered my stuff said the same thing.

i have few things thats broken and now im preparing myself for another battle to get the claims for those since i paid for full coverage insurance and im very sure they are just going to deny the claims just so they dont have to pay up. we spent $4500 for a small move its better to get a more professional company like mayflower which we previously used once we moved from nj to st louis.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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