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North American Van lines was the worse move I have ever had. The movers were unprofessional, they dropped items, packed artwork with sharp objects, and even did not move some items because the mover did not bring enough packing material (though their agent inventoried my house).

2 of 3 movers were teenagers, when we complained to the boss, he said he was in a hurry and had to get on the road. Then they told me on the phone I had 12 months to file a claim. I filed a claim before 9 months, they then proceeded to "lose" it and rejected my claim because "I" did not file the claim on time. I talked to supervisors, wrote a letter to the president.

They treated me like a criminal and never acknowledged the complaints I had with the mover or claim. What a ripoff, avoid them at all costs.

Monetary Loss: $6700.

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Totally agree about poor service and not caring about customers. Delivered 1/2 of belongings during contracted period.

Two weeks late and still have not received the balance. Talked to customer service(yeah right).

Cannot give a delivery date and really don't seem to care. Tried to contact the president of North American today.Got voice mail and left a message> We'll see if he calls back.



$16000 total nightmare cross country move .

Every single piece of furniture either gouged or broken. Liquor and wine collection gone. Paintings gone . Kitchen stuff-expensive pots and pans and appliances gone. Boxes rifled through and antiques gone. We paid an extra thousand for insurance and have not collected a penny after 2 years.

We have paid dearly twice over of the mistake of using these horrible movers. We've lost so much and through the disaster of trusting these movers. They showed up drunk and spoke no English. And wanted to charge us overtime for not finishing their contracted work.

Arrived a day early before we did and piled everything unprotected in a ten foot high 40 foot long solid heap in a storage unit and left before we got there. . Although instructed specifically to wait for our arrival so we could do it systematically. There is not a day that goes by that we aren't grieving over something that was stolen by these movers.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #108402

Our last move was with North American as well and we had the most damage of any time we had moved before - and we had moved 12 times before! We would never, never use them again! The corporation picked them for us this past time.

Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Krung Thep, Thailand #83514

North American Van Lines is a complete ripoff - they care NOTHING about customer service and HOW your belongings aer picked up or delivered. My move was a nightmare from start to finish.

When I called Customer Service to complain about the service, I was told "Our charges are based on weight and distance". They DO NOT ever compensate ANYTHING for Customer Service related issues.

When I asked to speak with someone in upper management to hear my complaint, I was told "No." Nice company! Avoid North American, Allied and any other SIRVA-related moving company like the plague!


I can second everything said here. I'd write my own, but I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down. I can sum it up with this: If you die and get sent to ***, North American Van Lines will move you there.

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